The Big Factors That Can Impact A Divorce

Pennsylvania residents who have built a life together will hopefully continue that life throughout their futures. But at times, divorce becomes a sad reality. Whether it’s an amicable split or one that is fraught with emotion and bitterness, one thing that is important to understand is that divorces can be incredibly complex and involve a lot of different factors.

Understanding some of these factors can help you see more about why having an attorney on your side is important and help prepare you more completely for your divorce proceeding. Here are some of the main things that might impact your Pennsylvania divorce.

  • Division Of Property – In most cases, shared properties such as a home that was bought together will end up being listed on the market and the proceedings split between the two parties. However, some couples may agree to an arrangement where one or the other is given certain property. Negotiations can be long and complex, but will be the best way to ensure that your equitable distribution moves forwards properly.
  • Alimony – Alimony or spousal support may be ordered by the courts in certain situations. Usually this is done to provide some measure of support for a spouse who didn’t work during the marriage, giving them time to get on their feet and secure means of income for themselves
  • Child Custody – Child custody is awarded based upon what the court determines is the best interests of the children involved. This could mean everything from living arrangements to parental work schedules and more. Hopefully, custody can be determined amicably, but in many instances it is the source for much contention during a divorce.
  • Child Support – Support is ordered based primarily upon income levels of the parents and special cost considerations regarding the child, though additional factors may come into play at some times.

All in all, these are just the four most common factors that will usually be involved in a divorce. Being able to prepare properly for them will help you be able to know what to expect and to be able to move through your divorce with as much dignity as you possibly can. It’s a difficult process, and one that you shouldn’t take alone. An attorney can help, but being prepared for thepoints above to be considered is a must for anyone undergoing a divorce today.