Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Assets in Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania law, prenuptial agreements are presumed to be valid. Once entered, they are extremely difficult to overturn, so long as a full and fair financial disclosure of assets has been made at the time the agreement is entered. Before you sign a premarital agreement, you should have the document reviewed by your attorney. I am available to serve people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

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The most important aspect of a prenuptial agreement in Pennsylvania is the full and fair financial disclosure of assets. There is no requirement under the law that a prenuptial agreement be either fair or reasonable. I will work with you to create or review a prenuptial agreement and advise you of its implications.

If your future spouse has presented you with a prenuptial agreement, I encourage you to have an experienced lawyer review it. If you are interested in presenting a prenuptial agreement to your future spouse, I can prepare it according to your goals, which could include division of assets, division of debts and other financial planning goals.

With more than 18 years of practicing family law, I can assist you with the drafting of your prenuptial agreements.

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