Pennsylvania Child Custody Evaluation: Steps in the Process

The child custody evaluation process can be a critical step in a custody dispute. As your lawyer, I will prepare you for this important step, educating you about the process and setting expectations. You will not be caught by surprise by any aspect of this important part of a child custody dispute.

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The goal of the custody evaluation is to gather details about a child’s life including about their home environment, caregivers, education and other matters. These details will then be used to help determine what is in the best interests of the child.

I will explain how the following factors can affect your child custody evaluation:
Selection of an evaluator — In many cases, you will have a say in the mental health professional chosen to conduct the child custody evaluation.

  • Psychological testing — The mental health of the parents is an important consideration in child custody determinations.
  • Home visit — The evaluator will want to observe the child with each parent in the home environment.
  • Office visit — The evaluator will talk to the child and the parents in an office setting to gain insight on the situation.
  • Additional interviews — Doctors, teachers and other individuals involved in the child’s life may be interviewed by the evaluator during the child custody evaluation process.

The process is very important. It can also be very stressful. By educating you about what to expect and what you can do, my goal is to make the process less threatening.

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