Know Your Rights as a Grandparent to Child Custody

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Grandparents have rights to custody of their grandchildren in limited situations. I am available to assist grandparent custody matters in Montgomery County and throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

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Grandparents may have the right to exercise their rights to custody of their grandchildren in the following limited situations, so long as a grandparent’s contact with their grandchild is in that child’s best interest and does not interfere with the parent-child relationship:

  • The parents have been separate or divorced for at least six months. In this situation, the grandparents all too often find themselves without any contact with their grandchild. You may the right to pursue an action to see that you are able to remain a part of your grandchild’s life.
  • One parent is deceased. In these cases, the remaining parent often neglects the rights if the deceased parties’ parents.
  • The child has resided with grandparents for a year or more. In certain situations, a child resides with his or her grandparents for an extended period of time. Later, a parent re-enters the picture and removes the child from the grandparent’s home, neglecting the rights of the grandparents who have provided care.

I have been practicing Family Law since 1990. During this time, I have advocated the rights of grandparent’s to ensure continuing contact between the child and these very important figures in the child’s extended family.

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