I Take Serious Divorce Issues Seriously

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Divorce is never easy. That said, some divorces are more difficult than others.

As your divorce attorney, I can’t make problems magically disappear. If you are involved in complex divorce, what I can do for you is provide caring advice and honest information: information about what will happen during the divorce process, information about what you can expect if you go to trial and information about all of your options.
Since 1990, I have been providing clients involved in a wide variety of family law issues with responsive service and professional legal representation. Whether you think your divorce will be relatively simple, or you know that we are in for a long battle, my extensive legal experience can be a valuable asset to you.
I am committed to helping clients overcome obstacles and make it through to the other side of a family crisis.

To learn more about the difference I can make as your lawyer, call me at (610) 275-8587 or send me an e-mail. From my law office in Norristown, Pennsylvania, I serve clients throughout Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Philadelphia counties.

Types of Complex Divorce Issues

Complex property division: Splitting up your property can be simple if, like most people, your largest assets are you home and car. When you own a small business, or have large pension plans, 401K, IRA or retirement accounts, things are a little more complicated. If your divorce involves substantial assets, you want an attorney who will work with business valuation experts, accountants, and financial experts to protect your property rights.

Domestic violence: Domestic violence is a serious issue and must be dealt with seriously. I can help you seek restraining orders and protective orders and connect you with shelters and other resources to help you stay safe. If you are a victim of domestic violence, I will work hard to craft custody and visitation orders that are in the best interest of your children. No one should have to endure abuse or injury.

Contentious custody battles: While a fight over money can become a battle, a custody dispute can result in full-fledged war. If the parents cannot agree on physical and legal custody, the family court will make the decision based on the best interests of the children. In some cases, allegations of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of the children are true. In others, abuses allegations may be made against the other parent to gain an advantage in a complex divorce. When representing a parent in a custody dispute, I prepare them for the custody evaluation and work hard to help them reach agreement on a fair parenting plan. When amicable resolution is not possible, I provide vigorous representation in custody trials.

Mental illness and chemical dependency: When one spouse is mentally ill, alcoholic, drug dependent, or addicted to gambling, special issues arise. My years of experience can help you explore options for overcoming or dealing with addiction or mental illness. If child custody is an issue, I will work to see that the children’s best interests are considered.

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