Divorce Law in Pennsylvania

Serving Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Philadelphia Counties
Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state. The rules surrounding the dissolution of a marital relationship can seem complex. With almost 20 years of family law experience, I am well equipped to deal with complex divorce issues.
I can advise you regarding all the important matters that need to be resolved in your divorce or legal separation, including:

Child custody: Custody refers to where the children will live and the time each parent will spend with them. If custody and visitation cannot be resolved by agreement, I will work hard to achieve the best-possible result in court. I will prepare you for a custody evaluation, and explain the factors used to determine the children’s best interest in a custody trial.

Child support: Child support is financial support for a child and is determined by Pennsylvania’s Child Support Guidelines.
Spousal support and alimony: Alimony is financial assistance to help a spouse maintain quality of life during and after divorce.

Equitable distribution of property: In a divorce, all property acquired during a marriage is divided between the husband and wife (unless there was a valid prenuptial agreement). In some cases, valuation of businesses and other property is needed to determine the fair value of a marital asset. Pensions and retirement accounts must also be properly valued and divided.

Divorce tax issues: I can help you understand the tax implications of divorce-related payments and income, including the sale or transfer or a business or real estate, payment or receipt of child support or alimony, and the liquidation of investments.

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I understand that divorce is almost always a difficult and emotional challenge. As your lawyer, I work to alleviate stress by helping to make the process work for you.
I have been dedicated to divorce, legal separation and other family law matters since 1990 That level of experience means that I understand the system and know how to help you through it.

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