Child Support Under Pennsylvania Guidelines

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I am available to assist people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and throughout the Greater Philadelphia area with child support matters. I understand the importance of child support to a family. You want your child to have the things they need to grow and develop. You want a fair amount for all parties. These are all important considerations.

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In Pennsylvania, child support is determined in most cases by the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. The primary focus of the guidelines is the net incomes of both parties. In most cases, very little discretion is involved, if the Guidelines amount is presumed to be the correct level of support.

But situations arise that make it important for an experienced attorney to oversee the child support determination. In cases involving self-employed individuals, hidden incomes, undistributed incomes and other similar scenarios, child support can become very complex.

The guidelines are designed to calculate child support up to a certain income level. If your income level goes above the Guidelines amount, other factors are used to determine child support payments. These factors are centered on the needs of the child and the parties, as well as the income of the parties.

After a divorce, situations may arise that require changes to the child support agreement. I continue to represent my clients as their families and their needs change and modification of agreements and orders becomes necessary because of change in income or other financial circumstances. In addition to child support, I can also address child custody and other related matters.

I have more than 18 years of experience helping people with child support. My career has been focused specifically on family law.

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