During a divorce, deciding where the children will live is one of the most contentious points in most parent’s arguments. After all, custodial parents are generally the ones who have the most contact with children and who guide their lives more directly. That doesn’t mean that a non-custodial parent has any less of an impact on their lives, but that being a custodial parent is simply a more direct responsibility.

One thing that may occur in Pennsylvania divorces is assigning temporary custody to one parent. Understanding the basics of temporary custody orders is important for anyone going through a divorce since it may directly influence their divorce process. Here’s a rundown of the key points you need to know.

  • Temporary custody orders are issued with one goal in mind – to ensure that children aren’t negatively affected by the divorce and the changes it brings in the family dynamic. Because things like equitable distribution of property, spousal support, final custody arrangements, and more will all have to be decided upon before a separation and divorce are finalized, the temporary custody order is given to help keep kids’ lives stable.
  • The temporary custody order is issued to ensure emotional and financial stability for the child or to prevent either parent from leaving the state with the child. It’s important that both parents abide by the rules set forth in the temporary custody order – violation could directly influence the final custody judgment when it is determined.
  • Once that the custody hearing arrives, a final decision will be made. It’s best to use the period leading up to this talking to a Pennsylvania divorce attorney and building a case showing that you’re committed to the welfare of your kids. This can include things like proof that you financially support them, that you have a stable home for them to live in, and more. Temporary custody orders help make this easier to do since it helps create a record of your contributions – no matter if you’re the custodial parent or not.

As with anything involving a divorce, maintaining a level head and working with your spouse to reach an amicable resolution is the key to moving through the divorce with dignity. Think of the best interests of the kids at all times, and remember that a temporary custody order is just that -temporary. Things can change, and your actions during the time leading up to the final hearing can influence it in a significant way.