Technology And Your Divorce

There is no way to deny that modern technology has changed virtually every aspect of our lives. But while it’s helped us in so many ways, it can also make it much more difficult to get through certain aspects of your life. One example of this is a divorce, and if you’re facing a divorce it’s important to understand that technology can be a friend and an enemy.

For example, you can use the internet to look up different laws regarding divorce and to learn more about how the process moves forwards. Or you can use it to help you file certain documents or communicate with your attorney. In short, when you utilize it wisely, technology can make a positive difference in your overall results at moving through your divorce with dignity.

However, it can also be a double edged sword. In particular, social media accounts have backfired on many people and ended up making it harder to move through their divorce in the most civil way possible. A single miswritten or ill-advised Facebook post could have a huge impact on your divorce. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Don’t abuse the other spouse. Negative comments can feel great to write, but remember that even if they can’t see it, someone else will. Things can get around quickly, and those venting posts can make your ex feel bitter and contribute to a more emotional, conflict-heavy divorce.
  • Stay away from trying to look like you’re partying it up. Posts of you drinking all night with friends can be used by an attorney to easily make it look like your kids should be given to the spouse.
  • Mutual friends can impact everything. Block your ex on a social media account, but the odds are that someone else will still see your posts and report back to them – complete with screenshots. In short, you should assume that every post you make or Tweet you send out will end up in the hands of their lawyer.

You can certainly use the internet and other technologies while going through a divorce, but one of the first things that your divorce lawyer will tell you is to be smart about what you do. Otherwise, you could sabotage your own divorce proceedings.