Divorce. It’s a word that most married couples don’t even want to think about, but something that becomes a reality for many in Pennsylvania. Once that the process begins, it can be filled with emotions, frustrations, and more. But what’s most important to remember throughout it all is that your actions can have a direct impact on yourself, your divorce, and even the children who could be involved in it.

With that in mind, it’s important to pay particular attention to something that is impacting more and more divorces – social media. While in some instances social media itself can be a catalyst for separation – setting up infidelities and more – in divorces that are ongoing a social media presence can actually have a dramatic impact on how the proceedings move forwards. Consider some of the following.

  • Social media posts can have a direct impact on financial aspects of a divorce. Things like equitable distribution, child support, and spousal support can all be influenced through your social media activity. If, for example, social media activity shows a lavish lifestyle, it may be used to assert that higher spousal support amounts are needed.
  • After a separation, it’s common for social media posts to take on a kind of ‘living it up’ feel – posts of good times with friends and so forth. But these posts can be used to show that a parent may not be providing a fit environment for kids, and could influence custody proceedings as a result.
  • Social media can also directly influence the overall emotional roller coaster that both parties are already going to experience during a divorce. Those posts can hurt feelings and create a bigger divide which can make it difficult to communicate, co-parent, and more. This can lead to longer divorce proceedings and a more difficult separation process.

The bottom line is simple – while you don’t need to completely forsake things like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, those going through a divorce should take the time to truly think about the implications of any of their posts. Whether it’s a photo of good times with friends or a scathing passive aggressive attack on a spouse, everything can be used in the courts to influence the outcome of a divorce. Pay attention and use common sense to ensure you move through your divorce with dignity and a respect for the person you’ve spent part of your life in. It can impact your future in more ways than you might think.