It’s not something that most people are going to be thinking about when there are so many other factors to considering during a divorce, but among the financial considerations you’re going to have to address as you move onto this new stage in your life, your tax situation is going to be an important one.

There are many tax benefits that arise from being married, and getting divorced means that you will have to now start “untangling” some of those benefits as you return to single marital status. But this is an area where, believe it or not, we can still provide you with a lot of help.

Experienced In The Process

At Zitomer Law, we’ve handled divorce cases for many people at many different economic positions. One thing that doesn’t change is the financial and tax readjustment that comes with a divorce. Often taxes are filed jointly, bank accounts may have merged, and there are tax considerations such as children that now need to be re-evaluated as a marriage undergoes a divorce.

We are extremely familiar with the financial aspects of a divorce in all its permutations, and that includes facing a new tax situation. When you come to us, we can help you divorce with dignity, guiding you through all the steps of the legal process, including family considerations like child custody. But we can also help you with the financial considerations as well.

When you come to an experienced divorce lawyer, you get the full benefit of someone walking you through what is sure to be an unfamiliar and potentially unpleasant experience, depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce. You may not be familiar with the exact nuances of financial obligation and tax law as they pertain to divorcees, but Zitomer Law is. We can help to avoid unexpected financial or legal surprises, and ensure that analready stressful experience doesn’t become worse because money or legal problems that you didn’t see coming.