When you’re going through the divorce process, even if it’s an amicable one, there’s still going to be a lot of work done on division of assets. This is especially true if you’ve had a long marriage with a lot financial activity on the part of both spouses. If you both you and your spouse have are working professionals that have engaged in a lot of trade, investment, real estate or even acquisition of fine art, then even a prenuptial agreement isn’t going to be particularly useful in this instance. After all, a prenuptial agreement is designed to protect the assets you had before a marriage. If, together, you’ve created a lot of assets in the years since your marriage, that is all usually considered common property within the marriage, depending on the nature of the acquisition.

So how do you divide it?

A Divorce Lawyer Can Help

With some divorce lawyers, such as those of us at Zitomer Law, property and asset valuation are part of the services we offer for people in the middle of the divorce process. This means that if you and your spouse have different business interests, real estate, stocks, bonds and other assets, you don’t need to get the additional services of an accountant or other financial advisor to add more complications to the divorce.

With an experienced divorce lawyer, this valuation process is simply one more added value service that takes place during the divorce. It’s critical to make sure the valuation is accurate so that both parties can have a clear understanding of what needs to be divided, and either discuss this through mediation, or get it settled in court.

With a divorce lawyer handling the valuation, you can be sure that your interests are represented, and that a clear accounting of what’s at stake is clearly defined, so you can make a better, more accurate judgment of how to proceed.