In the event of a divorce where young children are part of the family, there is going to be a question of which parent will gain custody of the children and be their primary source of financial and emotional support. In some cases, parents will be able to discuss this matter amongst themselves, come to an agreement, and take that decision to lawyers to legally settle once and for all during the divorce proceedings.

In other cases, both parents may wish to have custody of the children and because of that, there is a dispute about who will ultimately gain custody. In instances when there’s a question of awarding custody, there is an official procedure to make a final decision. So what kind of criteria are used when making this evaluation?

A Holistic Approach

There’s no one fixed method for determining final custody of children. Numerous factors come into play, including the preferences and emotional states of the child or children involved. Experts will get involved in the case, undertaking psychological evaluations of the child, looking at the home environment, interviewing teachersor doctors familiar with the children to get professional opinions, as well as looking at the employment and financial status of the parents involved.

All of these factors must be carefully considered before awarding custody. For example, one parent may have greater financial resources than the other, but if the children express a preference for the less wealthy parent, and the wealthy parent is evaluated to be more neglectful, custody will be awarded to the less wealthy parent. Environmental factors are also important. If one parent is going to be moving to another city, state, or country,this would create enormous upheaval in the lives of the children, in addition to the divorce itself.

An experienced divorce lawyer is prepared to provide the guidance and advice you need during a period like this. Whether your concerns are about finances, or family, a divorce lawyer can you help you find the answers you need.