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No-Fault Divorce In Pennsylvania

Within the past year, Pennsylvania has changed the law regarding no-fault divorce. The ability to file for a no-fault divorce grants you the opportunity to go through a divorce with dignity and avoid a long, drawn-out messy process.

Alimony In Pennsylvania

Alimony payments are financial payments to a spouse after a divorce. They are legally mandated. In Pennsylvania, you are not entitled to receive alimony. Alimony payments are completely discretionary with the court. If you are going through a divorce, here are some common questions you may have regarding alimony in Pennsylvania.

Equitable Distribution During A Pennsylvania Divorce

When imagining divorce, many people assume that the spouses split everything equally, 50/50. However, in Pennsylvania, this is not the case. Pennsylvania recognizes equitable distribution, which gives the courts the power to distribute the assets and property of a marriage as they see fit.

Divorce With Dignity

A divorce can be a trying time for you and your former spouse. It's already a sad and hurtful time, but it's even worse considering that during divorce hearings, information may come to light that is difficult to hear. However, it's important to remain mature, civil, and respectful. According to psychologist Susan Quilliam, "Dignity is our best friend in a crisis because it reminds us that, although we may be at the mercy of uncertain circumstances, we can at least be in control of ourselves." Consider these tips to help navigate through your divorce with dignity.

We Can Help With LGBT Custody & Divorce Issues

While America has made some mistakes in the past, the march of social progress-however much it may slow down at some points-will always continue to move forward. Zitomer Law is proud and honored to be a legal practice with a family law focus on every kind of family and legal union, including LGBT marriages. But this means we also understand that with something as relatively new to the legal scene as the recent recognition of LGBT unions, there may still be some uncertainty and confusion of the legal options when things go wrong.


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