Becoming a grandparent can completely change a person’s outlook on life. These little bundles of joy can make even the roughest and toughest personality soft and loving. Grandparents often go out of their way, bending over backward, to spoil their grandchildren rotten, and along the way, they create a strong and lasting bond. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that may cause these relationships to become fractured.

An unexpected death in the family, or a divorce, are two of the top reasons responsible for straining these relationships. Often, the children of these families have to relocate with the parent that was granted custody, and eventually, the visitations may only start to take place during holidays. They may even stop altogether in an attempt to hurt the other parent. If you are a grandparent experiencing these types of problems, our firm is prepared to listen, guide, and set up a plan that serves the best interests of your grandchild.

Have You Been Your Grandchild’s Primary Caregiver

It seems as if grandparents often get the wrong end of the deal. On many occasions, the child is left in the custody of the grandchild, basically to raise, while the parent, or parents, are out doing who knows what. Then, after an extended period of time, the parent swoops back into the picture and removes the child from the home and life that they have grown accustomed to. In many cases like these, grandparents turn to the legal system for help.

All attempts to resolve the situation peacefully and in a compromising manner should be attempted prior to hiring an attorney. If your grandchild lives far away, it could simply be a matter of not having monetary means to visit, or that their busy life can not allow them to get away for an extended period of time. With so many technological gadgets, it is important to remain in constant contact with your grandchild. This shows them that you want to be a part of their life, even if you are not able to be physically present with them.

After you have made every attempt to reconnect with your grandchild, and if it seems like it would be in their best interests for you take legal counsel, we are here to help you through the entire process. We understand that each case is unique and needs to be handled accordingly. Representing you, in the best interests of your grandchild, would be our pleasure.

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