Paternity or parentage can be established in a variety of ways in Pennsylvania. It can be done voluntarily or through a court order. For married couples, establishing paternity is done rather easily, however, for unwed mothers and fathers, it can become a thorn in their side. These mothers automatically receive custody of their child, however, there is no legal relationship between the father and child.

3 Reasons To Establish Paternity In Pennsylvania

  1. Legal Parental Rights- Each paternity case is unique and different. In some instances, the mother of the child may not want the father and child to establish a relationship. Your child deserves the opportunity to have this relationship and so does the father. This can be a simple task if both parents are in agreement, but for those other instances, a reputable paternity lawyer should be contacted.
  2. Support For Your Child- Fathers do not always step up and act the way that we wish they would. They may not come around as much as you would like, and they may not provide any support to help raise their child. If these circumstances pertain to you, legal recourse may be the only way to establish paternity and receive support to help raise your child. You did not create this being alone, and all of the monetary stress should not rest squarely on your shoulders.
  3. Benefits- If no paternity is established, the child will miss out on valuable benefits. Social security benefits, medical and life insurance, and other benefits are available to your child if something should happen to you. Without legal documentation, they likely will not receive these resources, which can affect their well-being.
  4. Paternity should always be established with the best interest of the child in mind. It is all about what is best for them. Parents should be able to act amicably to allow their child to build relationships with both of them. Raising a child in modern society is an expensive process, and each parent should support their child equally. Your child deserves any and all resources and benefits that you can provide them with. Take responsibility, acknowledge paternity and make a legal relationship with your child. You deserve the right to make decisions regarding how your child is raised and establishing paternity can give you that opportunity.
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