A protection from abuse order is a civil order that can provide legal protection from domestic violence. It is important to know if you are eligible to get a protection from abuse order, and how you can go about doing so.

Are You Eligible To Get A PFA?

If you are a person 18 or over, or an emancipated minor, you can seek protection from domestic abuse done to you or your child by the following individuals

Your partner or ex-partner, whether that’s your husband or wife
Someone who lived with you as a spouse
A sibling
A parent
A child
An immediate family member
A family member related to you by marriage
A sexual partner, current or former
Someone you have a child in common with

How Can You Get A PFA?

To obtain a protection from abuse order, you will need to follow the steps below.

Get a Petition at the Courthouse – You can file a petition with the Court of Common Pleas in the county you live in, the county in which you work, the county in which the abuse took place, or any county where the abuser can be served. You will need to bring identification with you.
Complete the Proper Forms – Fill out all forms given to you by the court, in addition to the PFA petition. When filing, you will be considered the plaintiff. You should be thorough when completing these petitions.
Allow a Judge to Review Your Petition – Once completed and signed, your petition will be reviewed by a judge. If the incident is severe, the judge may grant a temporary order to protect you until the hearing.
Attend a Hearing – Within ten business days, you will be required to attend a court date regarding your petition. At this hearing, the judge will determine if you will be granted a permanent PFA.

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