As you begin to pay child support, it’s your hope that the payment fits nicely into your monthly budget. Although you may not want to pay this money, you know that it’s the right thing to do.

There could come a point when you are no longer able to make your child support payment, such as if you lose your job or become seriously ill and are unable to work for an extended period of time.

If you find yourself facing one of these serious situations, here’s something you should always remember: You have the legal right to request a child support modification. This does not mean the court will agree with you, but you have the right to request this if you are unable to make your payment in full.

Here are some tips to follow if you need to request a modification:

— Don’t delay. Once you realize you are unable to make your child support payment, you should put the wheels in motion. The court doesn’t know about your circumstances until you take action.

— Learn more about the laws in your state. There are laws in your state that outline the reasons for granting a child support modification. As you learn more, you’ll get a better idea of what the future could bring.

— Speak with the other parent. If you are facing a true financial crisis, you may be able to work something out with the other parent by opening the lines of communication. It’s worth a try. This could save you the hassle of going to court.

— Keep track of your changes in circumstance. For example, if you lost your job, keep all records that show your employment dates, compensation and efforts to secure a new job.

Along with the above, you’ll want to file your request for a child support modification with the appropriate family law court.

While this sounds like a simple process, you need to take the right steps if you want the court to agree with your assessment and allow you to pay less for the time being. This is why you should consult with a family law attorney who has experience helping people receive a child support modification.

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