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All Parties Are Protected When Paternity Is Established

Unwed couples that embark on the journey of parenthood should always make every attempt to establish paternity. There are certain rights that a mother, father, child, and in some cases grandparents, have that can only be established through properly filed paternity claims. In Pennsylvania, paternity can be established either voluntarily or involuntarily until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Voluntarily Established Paternity

What Does Alimony Mean In Pennsylvania?

Alimony is very possibly the most disliked aspect of a divorce, and that's saying something. Alimony is a payment made by one spouse to support the other for a set amount of time. This payment can be monthly, annual, or a single lump sum. It's less common these days since more married couples are dual-income than not, but it still matters during plenty of divorces.

Alimony exists because most families were (until recently) single-income households, and so the spouse without a job or income would depend on the one who made money while they lived together. Alimony payments allow the spouse without an income to live on his or her own until he or she can get a job, find another partner or otherwise live independently of the former spouse. After all, a fear of homelessness should not force anyone to live with someone he or she hates.

Yes, it’s possible to get a child support modification

As you begin to pay child support, it's your hope that the payment fits nicely into your monthly budget. Although you may not want to pay this money, you know that it's the right thing to do.

There could come a point when you are no longer able to make your child support payment, such as if you lose your job or become seriously ill and are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Honest Appraisal Is Important During A Divorce

Unless you have a prenuptial agreement that manages to cover every possible future (and often even then), the longest and hardest part of any divorce is dividing the property fairly between the two spouses. Not every family has a million dollars in assets or owns half a dozen businesses, but fairly dividing the assets is just as important (if not more so) for families without a lot of money. After all, when there's less money to go around, it's that much more important that it go to the person who deserves and needs it.

Of course, most families don't keep all their net worth in an easily divided savings account. Families own houses, furniture, home electronics, cars, stocks, bonds, IRAs, and much more. You could sell everything, convert it all into cash, and divide the pile evenly and it still wouldn't be fair thanks to the way assets grow and shrink in value over time.

A Protection From Abuse Order Can Help Keep You And Your Children Safe

Even with the amount of media attention that domestic violence has gained over the years, domestic violence is still a regular occurrence in society. We have to remain vigilant in our quest to stop these actions completely. A Protection From Abuse order (PAF) can be your first line of defense against a person that you have had some type of relationship with. Have you, your children, or another loved one been involved in a relationship that has caused repeated intentional suffering? Have you, or your child suffered from...

Things Not To Do When Going Through A Divorce

do, say, and prepare for that you may forget about certain things that you should not do. Some things will hurt your case, while others won't affect it at all, but the best offense is a good defense. If you simply avoid the following items, no harm can come to the case that you are attempting to build.

Do Not Do These Things When Going Through A Divorce

3 Reasons For A Grandparent Custody Suit

In most households, children are raised by one or two parents. Divorces, remarriages, job transfers, and all kinds of other situations can complicate things, but direct parents are usually the ones who take care of kids.

However, grandparents have a strong interest in their children's children, too, and sometimes they need to assert their interest for the sake of their relationship and for the sake of their grandchildren. Most of the time this doesn't go beyond talking with their adult children and arranging visits, but there are times when grandparents need to get the legal system involved.

The Top 3 Reasons That Pennsylvania Residents Should Establish Paternity

Paternity or parentage can be established in a variety of ways in Pennsylvania. It can be done voluntarily or through a court order. For married couples, establishing paternity is done rather easily, however, for unwed mothers and fathers, it can become a thorn in their side. These mothers automatically receive custody of their child, however, there is no legal relationship between the father and child.

3 Reasons To Establish Paternity In Pennsylvania

Information About Protection From Abuse Orders

A person that is 18 years of age or an emancipated minor can attempt to seek legal protection for themselves or their child from domestic violence by a family or household member. This includes, but is not limited to current husbands and wives, as well as former spouses, brothers, sisters, someone not related to you living in the home, or another relative. Domestic abuse is a problem in society, but victims should know that they have options available to them.

Minors may also be granted these orders. However, a guardian, parent or another adult household member will have to file the petition on their behalf. It is not necessary to have a lawyer to file the petition, but they may have valuable guidance and information to help you along the way. No one deserves to live in fear and this order can help to protect you and your loved ones.

Be Prepared For Your Child Custody Case With These 4 Tips

Child custody cases can cause people to act differently than they might under normal circumstances. Often, parents use their children as leverage or in a way that is meant to intentionally hurt the other parent. Regardless of what this individual has done to them, they should always remember to have the best interest of their child, or children in mind. If you are expecting a child custody case, we are knowledgeable in all Pennsylvania custody laws and we can help you through the entire process.

Tips To Help You Prepare


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