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A Protection From Abuse Order Can Help Keep You And Your Children Safe

Even with the amount of media attention that domestic violence has gained over the years, domestic violence is still a regular occurrence in society. We have to remain vigilant in our quest to stop these actions completely. A Protection From Abuse order (PAF) can be your first line of defense against a person that you have had some type of relationship with. Have you, your children, or another loved one been involved in a relationship that has caused repeated intentional suffering? Have you, or your child suffered from...

Information About Protection From Abuse Orders

A person that is 18 years of age or an emancipated minor can attempt to seek legal protection for themselves or their child from domestic violence by a family or household member. This includes, but is not limited to current husbands and wives, as well as former spouses, brothers, sisters, someone not related to you living in the home, or another relative. Domestic abuse is a problem in society, but victims should know that they have options available to them.

Protection From Abuse Covers Any State Of Consciousness

State law guarantees that anyone that has been abused, especially a spouse and/or children can get legal protection from the person that was responsible. This is known as protection from abuse, and while getting hurt by someone within a household-such as your own partner-is upsetting and traumatizing, there are legal enforcements present to put a stop to it.


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