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Your Actions Can Impact Your Efforts To Gain Child Custody

When you are married going through a divorce, you and your spouse begin with joint custody rights. Essentially, this means that both you and your spouse have equal rights to your children. It also means that you both have equal rights to pursue custody of your children in your divorce case.

Divorce & Adopted Children

For many children, a divorce often becomes a traumatic signpost of youth. However, for children who are adopted, especially if they weren't adopted as infants, this effect can be magnified, and it can become a much more difficult, formative experience, especially if there are disagreements about child custody that result in a legal battle.

Is The Michigan Child Custody Case Legal?

Recently, one of the most disturbing child custody cases in American legal history took place. A rapist was awarded joint custody of the child he fathered when he raped a 12 year old girl. This is exactly the kind of nightmare scenario that Zitomer Law works hard to help its clients avoid.

Helpful Information About A Grandparent's Rights In Pennsylvania

Becoming a grandparent can completely change a person's outlook on life. These little bundles of joy can make even the roughest and toughest personality soft and loving. Grandparents often go out of their way, bending over backward, to spoil their grandchildren rotten, and along the way, they create a strong and lasting bond. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that may cause these relationships to become fractured.

Common Misconceptions Related To Child Custody In Pennsylvania

The best interests of your child should always be your top priority when it comes to child custody. It should not be about the mother or father, but rather about what is best for your child. There are a variety of sayings, myths, and wives tales about child custody that are not true. However, they remain in circulation and continue to contribute to the confusion.

All Parties Are Protected When Paternity Is Established

Unwed couples that embark on the journey of parenthood should always make every attempt to establish paternity. There are certain rights that a mother, father, child, and in some cases grandparents, have that can only be established through properly filed paternity claims. In Pennsylvania, paternity can be established either voluntarily or involuntarily until the child reaches 18 years of age.

The Top 3 Reasons That Pennsylvania Residents Should Establish Paternity

Paternity or parentage can be established in a variety of ways in Pennsylvania. It can be done voluntarily or through a court order. For married couples, establishing paternity is done rather easily, however, for unwed mothers and fathers, it can become a thorn in their side. These mothers automatically receive custody of their child, however, there is no legal relationship between the father and child.

Be Prepared For Your Child Custody Case With These 4 Tips

Child custody cases can cause people to act differently than they might under normal circumstances. Often, parents use their children as leverage or in a way that is meant to intentionally hurt the other parent. Regardless of what this individual has done to them, they should always remember to have the best interest of their child, or children in mind. If you are expecting a child custody case, we are knowledgeable in all Pennsylvania custody laws and we can help you through the entire process.


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