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Marital assets and taxes: What about capital gains?

Imagine you're in the midst of the asset division process during your divorce. You want to keep the $1 million family home and your spouse wants to keep the $1 million investment portfolio. Both are worth the same amount of money so it should be a simple process of you keeping the house, and your spouse keeping the investment portfolio -- right?

What legal areas does 'family law' cover?

There are a lot of different areas of the law, and some areas have different courts, structures and legal concepts that litigants must follow. Let's take family law, for instance. The family law court has its own judges who specialize in making family law decisions according to Pennsylvania family law.

How to know whether or not to file for divorce

It's arguably one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make — whether to stay in a dysfunctional marriage or file for divorce. Each spouse has to come to his or her own conclusion whether to file for divorce based on the individual circumstances in the marital relationship. But there are some questions that all can ponder in order to make the right decision for all parties, including the kids.

No-Fault Divorce In Pennsylvania

Within the past year, Pennsylvania has changed the law regarding no-fault divorce. The ability to file for a no-fault divorce grants you the opportunity to go through a divorce with dignity and avoid a long, drawn-out messy process.

Alimony In Pennsylvania

Alimony payments are financial payments to a spouse after a divorce. They are legally mandated. In Pennsylvania, you are not entitled to receive alimony. Alimony payments are completely discretionary with the court. If you are going through a divorce, here are some common questions you may have regarding alimony in Pennsylvania.


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