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While America has made some mistakes in the past, the march of social progress-however much it may slow down at some points-will always continue to move forward. Zitomer Law is proud and honored to be a legal practice with a family law focus on every kind of family and legal union, including LGBT marriages. But this means we also understand that with something as relatively new to the legal scene as the recent recognition of LGBT unions, there may still be some uncertainty and confusion of the legal options when things go wrong.

Blazing Trails

The recognition of same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania is very new, just three years old. This means that, as time passes, there are going to be some unusual and more sensitive issues that these couples may face, especially if disagreements ultimately lead to a dissolving of the partnership. What will you do in the event of a divorce? Are there children involved, and if so, was this the result of an adoption, or is there a biological/genetic component at work, in which case, who has priority in the event of actual blood relation? Was there a pre-nuptial agreement, and if so, is it still valid, or was it ever valid?

If you are a member of the LGBT community and find you need legal counsel because you are considering a divorce, you can get help. While some legal requirements remain the same regardless of the legal union, there are other, very specific considerations you may have questions or concerns about. Coming to a family lawyer that is both willing and experienced in these matters can go a long way towards quickly resolving any concerns and avoiding any surprise legal entanglements that the divorce proceedings may cause if you don't stay properly informed of your options.

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