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Laying Low On Social Media During A Divorce Can Be Beneficial To Your Case

The technological age has given us the ability to keep up with friends, family, and other acquaintances from the palm of our hand. Simply pushing a button on your electronic device can share your location, what you are doing there, and in some cases who you are doing it with. When you are going through a divorce, especially when children are involved, the types of posts that you share with the world could pose a threat to your case.

It is hard to resist the temptation to post anything and everything because it has come to be acceptable among society. Most marriages do not end on the happiest of terms, and items that you post could be brought up in court to bring your character into question. There are so many emotions that are at a high level during your divorce proceedings that anything is possible from the other party to gain an advantage. Remaining low key and checking your posts thoroughly are essential to making sure that no one gets offended during these volatile times.

Avoid These Types Of Posts While You Are Involved In A Divorce

Dating profiles should not be posted until after the divorce proceedings are concluded. This can be seen as a sign of infidelity that will likely be looked upon poorly in the courtroom. Instead, take the extra time to proofread your profile and get it perfect to post after your divorce has been finalized. It is also a good time for you to reflect on the items at hand and not rush into anything.

Never post anything having to deal with your financial means on social media. You should not attempt this one whether you are going through a divorce or not. The news has been plagued with stories about individuals being robbed after posting pictures of them with money, so do not give anyone a reason to come after you. Posting pictures of lavish gifts, expensive vacations, or other purchases can be used against you in court. Always think before you post.

Do not include any sensitive information in emails or text messages. Use your best judgment to decide if the information would be appropriate for a judge to read, or for anyone else to read for that matter. Disclosing bonuses and pay raises in these types of correspondences can come back to haunt you if they were not previously disclosed to the court.

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