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Information About Protection From Abuse Orders

A person that is 18 years of age or an emancipated minor can attempt to seek legal protection for themselves or their child from domestic violence by a family or household member. This includes, but is not limited to current husbands and wives, as well as former spouses, brothers, sisters, someone not related to you living in the home, or another relative. Domestic abuse is a problem in society, but victims should know that they have options available to them.

Be Prepared For Your Child Custody Case With These 4 Tips

Child custody cases can cause people to act differently than they might under normal circumstances. Often, parents use their children as leverage or in a way that is meant to intentionally hurt the other parent. Regardless of what this individual has done to them, they should always remember to have the best interest of their child, or children in mind. If you are expecting a child custody case, we are knowledgeable in all Pennsylvania custody laws and we can help you through the entire process.

Avoid Having To Pay Child Support Arrears With These Techniques

An arrear is basically money that is owed that should have already been paid. Getting behind on your child support payments can have drastic consequences. The amount that you owe will continue grow, due to interest, which can make it seem impossible to pay down. Garnishing of wages, tax refunds, and the suspension of your driver's license can all take place if you get too far behind. These techniques are designed with the intention of keeping your payments up to date and getting your children the money they need when they need it.

Getting Married? Why You May Need A Prenup

Today, both men and women in the United States are delaying marriage with the average age of a first-time groom being 29 and bride, 29. Consequently, many first-time grooms and brides have more life experience and tend to be more financially savvy and sound than their counterparts of 20 or more years ago. Likewise, today's first-time newlyweds also tend to have more assets like real estate or successful careers, as well as debts from school loans and credit cards.


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