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What happens when you fail to pay your child support?

One of the worst things about divorce is missing out on time with your children. When you factor in the sudden requirement to pay child support, it's easy to grow resentful and question custody and support decisions and question what an ex is doing with the money you provide each month.

Understanding Contested And Uncontested Divorce

In a fairytale world, every marriage would remain perfect and spouses would live out their lives happily ever after. But, sadly, in the real world there are simply some marriages that will end in divorce. If you have reached this point in your marriage, the first thing you'll need to understand is that there are two main types of divorce under Pennsylvania law - contested and uncontested.

The Importance Of Mediation During A Divorce

A divorce is never easy to go through, and when your spouse isn't in full agreement with the process it can be even more difficult. And even when both spouses are in agreement that a divorce should go forwards, even uncontested divorce can become a more complex process when certain issues arise. In particular, the process of agreeing to things like division of assets or child custody can quickly become heated arguments. As such, mediation is incredibly important.

Spousal Support In Pennsylvania Divorce

When a decision has been made to go through a divorce, enough time has usually passed for the two people involved to have reached points in their life where their finances are connected in numerous ways. And often, one party may end up being somewhat dependent on the other to some degree.

Pennsylvania Divorce 101

Divorce. It's a word that no married couple ever wants to hear - nor expects to. But as time goes on, some may reach the point where they realize that they have no other option but to end a marriage. When that occurs, filing for divorce is the only way to legally dissolve the marriage. However, it can be a process. Understanding the basics of divorce including what the grounds for a divorce are, how long it will take, and what to expect will be instrumental in mentally preparing one's self for the process.


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