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A Paternity Case Is More Than Just Parenthood

Paternity cases have, in the past, traditionally been taken to court because a mother wanted legal proof that one particular man was the biological father of her child, and thus responsible for some of the child rearing duties, usually financial. Times have changed, and while a woman seeking paternal responsibility from a man is still one reason for such cases, there are other reasons as well. In some cases, a father may want to be a part of a child's life but need a paternity case to be resolved in order to force an unwilling mother to allow parent/child interactions between the two.

But there are other reasons for wanting a paternity case to be resolved that go far beyond just establishing who is a parent. In some cases, there can be serious financial repercussions for getting parenthood resolved.


Although not the most common reason, proving paternity can sometimes be critical in determining whether someone qualifies for receiving part of an inheritance. There may be issues where a will states that all children are entitled to a share of the estate for example, and an out of wedlock child may still qualify for this depending on the stipulations of the will, but paternity must be legally established.

Veteran's Benefits

In some cases, a veteran receiving benefits may be able to pass on these benefits to family, but only if that family can be proven. Paternity suits may be required if a veteran wishes to bestow benefits coverage to a child that is born outside of marriage. Once biological parenthood is established, the benefits may extend to the child.

Life Insurance

Insurance policies can be quite strict about coverage and who qualifies for financial protection in the event that a mishap occurs. If there is any question as to whether certain children in the family qualify for insurance coverage, a paternity case will provide the legal documentation required to validate insurance coverage.

If you have any questions at all about how to initiate a paternity case, contact us at Zitomer Law and let us help.

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