Child Support

Every parent wants to ensure that their son or daughter has the things they need to grow and develop. If you are a parent who is going through a divorce or who recently split from a child's mother or father, it's important to understand how child support issues may affect you and your child.

Family law attorney Deborah Zitomer understands the importance of child support for your family. In Pennsylvania, in most cases, child support is determined by the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. Consequently, typically very little discretion is involved and support amounts are determined based upon both parents' net incomes.

In cases involving self-employed individuals, hidden incomes, undistributed incomes and other similar scenarios; child support can become very complex. If you encounter problems related to your child support case, it's important to turn to an experienced attorney to oversee your child support determination.

The guidelines are designed to calculate child support up to a certain income level. If your income level goes above the guideline amount, other factors are used to determine the support payment amount. These factors are centered on the needs of the child and the parties, as well as the income of the parties.

Child Support Modifications

After a divorce, your circumstances and needs are likely to change over time and situations may arise that warrant changes to an existing child support agreement. In cases where you or a co-parent experience a change in income or physical health, Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC, will represent your family's best interests in a support modification case

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