Prenuptial Agreements

If your future spouse has presented you with a prenuptial agreement, it's important to have an experienced lawyer review it. For nearly 30 years, Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC, has helped individuals who plan to marry ensure that their assets and best interests are protected. If you are interested in presenting a prenuptial agreement to your future spouse, we can prepare it according to your goals which may include terms related to the division of assets, division of debts and other financial planning matters.

Under Pennsylvania law, prenuptial agreements are presumed to be valid. Once entered, they are extremely difficult to overturn provided that a full and fair financial disclosure of assets has been made at the time the agreement is entered. Ensuring for the full and fair financial disclosure of assets, therefore, is the most important aspect of a prenuptial agreement in Pennsylvania.

It's important to know that there is no requirement under the law that a prenuptial agreement be either fair or reasonable. Therefore, before you sign a premarital agreement, it's important to have an attorney thoroughly review the document. At Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC, we will work with you to create or review a prenuptial agreement and advise you of its implications.

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