When Legal Issues Affect Your Family

For many of us, family comes first and when situations arise that affects our personal relationships with a significant other, spouse or child; it's important to find a way to resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you are getting married, plan to file for divorce, are worried about losing custody of a child or don't know how you'll manage financially after a divorce is finalized; Deborah Zitomer can help.

If you are facing a legal issue involving your family; you need to understand the related laws, how these laws apply to your situation and the pros and cons of your available options.

Finding A Way To Move Forward

While some attorneys take a blanket approach to every divorce or child custody case, at Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC, we believe in partnering with clients to devise personalized legal strategies. To do this effectively, we encourage clients to be honest and forthright as any and every detail can potentially impact our approach and the outcome of your case.

Our firm assists individuals and families who are facing an array of legal issues including:

  • Divorce — How will assets and debts be divided, what about retirement accounts, are there tax-related divorce issues you need to know about?
  • Child custody — How are child custody matters addressed in Pennsylvania, what happens if a parent has been accused of domestic violence, what steps do parents in same-sex relationships need to take to establish parental rights?
  • Prenuptial agreements — What can and cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement, why may a prenuptial agreement be deemed invalid, does my fiancée need his or her own attorney?
  • Support issues — How are child support amounts determined, should I petition for spousal support, can support amounts ever be modified?

To discuss your legal situation with a lawyer and to learn more about your options, contact our Norristown office by sending a message through our website or call us at 610-879-8473.