How Paternity Issues Affect Child Custody And Support

Across the country and throughout Pennsylvania, the birth rate among single women and unmarried couples continue to increase. In these cases, it's important to take steps to legally establish paternity.

Every child deserves the financial support of and the right to develop a relationship with both parents. If you are a single mother who plans to petition for child support or an unwed father who wishes to obtain child custody or visitation rights, Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC, can assist.

Paternity can be established either voluntarily or via court order and matters related to paternity and child support and custody can be emotionally-charged and, in some cases, contentious. It's wise, therefore, to turn to an experienced family law attorney who will represent your best interests and advocate on your behalf.

Representing Fathers In Child Custody Matters

Unwed fathers who fail to establish paternity essentially have no legal parental rights to a child. This means that, in cases where unwed parents split up, the mother automatically retains full legal and physical custody rights.

Fathers who wish to take steps to establish paternity and petition for child custody and visitation can rely upon Deborah Zitomer Esquire, LLC.

Paternity By Estoppel

In Pennsylvania, paternity is not limited to just biological proof, but can also be established by conduct. In cases where a man knows that he is not a child's biological parent, yet still chooses to assume a parental role and take on the related responsibilities, the court may make a decision with regard to paternity based upon the best interests of a child. This legal concept is known as paternity by estoppel and can help preserve a child's relationship with a non-biological parental figure as well as protect a child's right to receive financial support.

Attorney Deborah Zitomer assists parents in Norristown and throughout Montgomery County resolve matters related to paternity. With nearly three decades of experience, she has a firm grasp of the highly emotional and sensitive issues that may be associated with paternity cases and always strives to do what is best for her clients and their children.

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